5 Fun Flooring Concepts For Your Family Room

Home is where the heart is and home is where the heart will always stay. The bond you share with family is like no other, and quality time spent in the company of kin makes a house a home. It’s a given then, that your family room is the one place in your home that your entire family can sit down together to relax and bond, after a long day at work and school.
Do you know what enhances family time? A family room that is pleasant to the eyes and comfortable to just let loose and relax in, yet stylish enough to make you feel great about your home.

Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart has been serving the community in the Tampa Bay area of Florida since 1969. We have 15 stores spread out across the area which bring you flooring options that can transform your family room into a more fun, comfortable and stylish room than it ever was before. We make family time the highlight of your day by ensuring that the floor under your feet speaks volumes.

Read on to find 5 fun flooring concepts for your family room:

1. Bare the Hardwood

Whether your floor is genuine hardwood planks, or laminate/vinyl planks that replicate hardwood textures, they bring more to your room when bared open and not paired with hugerugs or too much furniture. They’re elegant, and the traditional woody look blends naturally with whatever furniture you chose to decorate your family room with.

2. Play with Bold Colors

A family room can sometimes be transformed with the help of just two colors to make up a theme. Pick two colors you wish to play with, and look for rugs and carpets that complement or contrast your flooring color. Let your floor and furniture work in harmony to give your family room a brighter atmosphere so that family time becomes your favorite time of the day. Click here to see the awesome combination of blue and brown at work.

3. Small Patterns for Large Space

While choosing an area rug or carpet to decorate a large area of your family room floor, try looking for something with small designs, shapes, or stripes on it. The small patterns laid out on the larger space of your floor will give the room a loud feel, so that family time will always be the most vibrant part of your day.

4. Go Funky With Tiles

Tiles are a cool and solid choice of flooring for your family room, and it is fun to choose from the wide range of available tiles. In fact that could be a fun family activity to do together! Go beyond the ordinary square tiles and try covering your floor with uniquely shaped tiles with bright colors and themes. Glitter tiles, glass tiles, coin tiles, rectangle tiles, honeycomb tiles, and more. Play with these and recreate fun for your family.

5. Tiles That Disguise

It will surprise you how much fun it is, decorating with tiles. Try using the same tiles you used for your floor to tile up your feature wall and see what it does to the look of your room. Use porcelain or ceramic tiles that replicate the look of a marble or granite floor and let it fool your guests and friends, while you and your family chuckle at the joke!

You can choose to let your living room look like any ordinary living room, or you could come over to Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart and decide to turn your living room into a Family room. Because home is where the heart is and your heart is clearly where your family is.With Bob’s by your side, there is no reason to keep your family room dull, is there?