A World Of Luxury To Sink Your Feet Into – Luxury Flooring Ideas That Look Gorgeous And Feel Good

It’s true! The right flooring can give you that luxurious feeling of walking on soft clouds. Quite literally.

With 15 stores spread out over Tampa Bay, we are a local favorite carpet and flooring store. Ladies and gentlemen, read on, as Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart presents to you flooring ideas thathelp yousink your feet into a world of luxury.

Vivacious Vinyl

With its exceptional looks and easy maintenance, vinyl brings a beautiful combination of style and comfort for your feet (and your home!). It is one of the most preferred styles of flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. Create a look of luxury in your home with vinyl flooring, available in varied wood textures and other flashy designs. Use an attention grabbing vinyl patchwork or simply a sheet of vinyl that oozes sophistication, to cover your floor. Bring luxury at its best into your home.

Live with Laminate

Laminate flooring options bring you the look of real wood, without disturbing or destroying nature. Imagine, it’s a floor that looks one with nature, and yet, it isn’t really robing nature of anything. Crafted with layers of fiber and ecofriendly materials, each plank of laminate flooring is installed together to create the beautiful, luxurious, and expensive look of hardwood flooring. It’s a replica of hardwood flooring without the pricey costs! Line your living room floors with Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart’s Laminate flooring and allow your feet to forever feel at ease on these durable, cost friendly planks of ‘affordable’ luxury.

Say Hello to Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable and long lasting flooring options. A popular choice among customers for its elegant style and realistic look, it has everything to give your home a lavish yet sturdy look. With its ability to withstand all kinds of wear and tear, hardwood flooring is suitable for all rooms and can bring a welcoming feel to your feet. Take off your socks, and let your bare feet feel the pleasurethat comes only from experiencing the smooth finish of a hardwood floor.

Captivating Carpet

Undoubtedly, carpeted floors are the most heavenly flooring to step on. The soft, pleasurable carpet surface can give your feet just the right kind of luxury you’ve been looking for. Captivating your senses by caring for your feet, carpet gives you a feeling of walking on clouds. Allow your feet to sink into the lusciousness of soft carpeting and revel in the comfort it provides. Click here to find out how carpet flooring cares for your feet.

Try Traditional Tiles

Ceramic tile flooring is a dynamic choice for any home, offeringflexibility in creating the right look for your home.You can mix and match colors, textures, sizes and styles to create the perfect flooring that reflects your individual tastes.Floor tiles create rooms that are forever cool and vibrant. This type of flooring has come down through the generations, and yet has remained contemporary, bringing a lavish touch to your home. Go crazy with tiles and create your own patterns and designs for your home.

Home is indeed where the heart is, but it is also where the feet rest. Give your feet a world of luxury to sink into, with flooring ideas from Bob’sCarpet and Flooring Mart.