Class in Session – Air.o Carpet and the Installation Orientation

Bob’s Carpet and Flooring is proud to announce our newest flooring product: meet Air.o hypoallergenic carpet with attached padding by Mohawk.

Air.o carpet is a game-changer - Bobs Carpet MartWe are excited about this new flooring option and you should be too. For all those allergy sufferers, pet owners and parents out there, Air.o carpet is a game-changer. This carpet is made with 100% PET material, which helps prevent the growth of allergens and microbes, so you and your kids can breathe easy. Plus, Air.o carpet releases more dirt when vacuuming than traditional carpets so you can say goodbye to all that pet fur. Air.o also contains NO latex or VOCs for cleaner, safer flooring. Because it’s made with 100% PET material, it is fully recyclable. Instead of taking up space in a landfill or dump, Air.o is family friendly, environmentally conscious, and still soft enough to fall asleep on during movie night!


At Bob’s, we also know that great flooring is about more than just functionality and comfort. It’s about adding value to your home, and Air.o doesn’t disappoint. Ordinary carpets have multiple layers that need to be cut, stretched and installed in stages. However, because Air.o layers are bonded together, it has more dimensional stability than other flooring; meaning there is less cutting, no stretching, and installation is less complicated. Air.o carpet is made to be tension-free, making it much more resistant to temperature and humidity changes than traditional carpets. That means half the installation time and no buckling or wrinkling once it is installed. You will get beautiful, flawless flooring even in the most difficult areas of your home.

All these factors make installation less complicated for this cutting-edge carpet (no pun intended). Even with a simpler process, our expert installers take pride in being knowledgeable and confident in their ability to offer the best installations for every flooring product.

Air.o carpet releases more dirt when vacuuming than traditional carpets so you can say goodbye to all that pet furBob’s Carpet and Flooring teamed up with Mohawk, the makers of Air.o, to present a series of free hands-on training to our expert installers. Together, our goal was to make sure every professional delivering and installing your new Air.o carpet from Bob’s has the know-how and confidence to perform the installation flawlessly. We are proud to say the nearly 50 of our installation experts attended one of the three hour and a half-long sessions covering how-to’s and best practices for installing Air.o carpet. So, not only are you getting the latest in carpet options, you can rest easy knowing that our professional installation team will ensure maximum value and a perfect finish to your room.

At Bob’s Carpet and Flooring we bring our best beyond the showroom. With brand new flooring products like Air.o, we are a flooring company that prioritizes our customers, our installers and our products. Come in and check out the brand-new, cutting-edge Air.o carpet to find out yourself!