At Your Service – Make Informed Flooring Decisions with Bob’s Carpet and Flooring

We all would love to create unique interiors for our homes that clearly define our aesthetic tastes and highlightour personalities. Who wouldn’t love to call a home their own that oozes warmth, a sense of welcome and a distinct character?

Though we would love to be, unfortunately most of us are not pros at interior designing!
While picking the right décor elements for our home sweet home, we look forward to guidance, recommendation and an unbiased opinion from someone who’s experienced and skilled in this profession.

This is exactly where Tampa Bay’s favorite for over 40 years – Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart – makes a difference! We are not only Tampa Bay’s premier carpet and flooring store, but we are also at the forefront of customer satisfaction with the following principles:

  • Best service
  • Best selection
  • Best prices in the market

What’s more, each and every carpet and flooring expert at all our 15 outlets stands by these principles.

We Make a Difference

A knowledgeable salesperson can make a huge difference in helping you make informed flooring decisions.We assist you with every possible aspect related to flooring choice and design.

Tile Advice
Choosing the right ceramic or porcelain tile from hundreds at our store may seem overwhelming at first. But our well trained and knowledgeable sales staff will make you feel right at home. We offer assistance as you need it, never being intrusive, and make the entire experience simple and fun. We offer guidance on combining shapes, colors, and textures to help convert your dream design project into ‘concrete’ reality!

Hardwood Advice

If you love the look, elegance, and sophistication of hardwood flooring, we have an amazing choice of design options for you. Our experts will assist you in choosing the right wood flooring for your residence. Given the plethora of options in material, textures, and colors, this is no easy task. You can rely on us to simplify the process and help you make the right choice, which will add to the appeal of your home.Explore some of the latest trends inflooring right here.

Carpet Advice

Pick the right carpet that suits your family’s needs. This way, you can be sure that it looks good and lasts a long time. We offer an unbeatable range of styles, designs, materials, and patterns in carpets. Our expert sales team only makes life easier for you by answering any questions that you may have.

Living Room Advice

Your living room is the public face of your home; and you want it to be the most striking aspect of your interior décor. This is where your friends and guests unwind. This is where you spend fun moments with your family. Your living room floor deserves to be special. Let our design team help you achieve exactly that.

Here are some living room flooring ideas for you to browse through, courtesy Better Homes and Gardens.

Flooring Decisions and Trust Go Hand in Hand

Our customers trust us. When you are working with a Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart professional to select the right flooring option for your need, you are in safe hands. We take immense pride in being called the most dedicated industry professionals, and we understand your needs. We are honored to help you make informed flooring decisions.

At Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart, we ‘floor’ you, like no one else does in Florida!