Bamboo Flooring — The top Green Flooring Option

As more and more homeowners stray away from conventional flooring options, bamboo has received a surge of appeal for all the right reasons. One of the most notable benefits of bamboo flooring or green flooring is that it is available in abundance,and is easier to replenish compared to other types of wood. Even though most homeowners are well aware that bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly choice, many are surprised by the other benefits it offers.

Easilyavailable and a Touch of Class:

Until a few years ago, bamboo wasn’t a popular choice for flooring and getting your hands on some was somewhat of a daunting task. Today, bamboo is available locally and just about anywhere owing to its increasing popularity. Bamboo floors are warm and inviting and tend to add a touch of class to any interior. Unlike many elements of interior design, bamboo flooring is neither a fad nor a trend, making it a timeless choice. You can be rest assured that it will exemplify the same look, feel and finish even ten years after installation.

Versatile, Strong and Durable:

One of the aesthetic benefits of bamboo flooring is that it can be had in a variety of grains and shades. This makes it possible to match the shade of bamboo with your existing furnishings and also install anywhere in your home. Another perk of bamboo is that it is extremely durable and you don’t have to worry about spilt drinks or even high levels of foot traffic. Owing to its proven unmatched durability, some flooring stores even back it up with an impressive warranty.

With regards to cost, bamboo flooring is more expensive than carpeting, but definitely cheaper than most woods. The cost of high end bamboo may be pricier, but lower end material is an excellent choice for those on a budget. Unlike other cost efficient flooring options, bamboo does not give youa cheap feel or finish.

Easy to install and Adaptable:

Bamboo flooring can be installed with little or no help although professional installation is highly recommended , especially if you are not the DIY type. Professional bamboo flooring installation should take no more than a few hours depending on the size of the room.

Finally, bamboo can be installed just about anywhere and in any room in your home. It is comparatively less sensitive to temperature changes than tile or stone floors, making it a perfect fit for any weather conditions. While bamboo and stone generally require some type of laminate, bamboo flooring can be set over plywood, which is considerably cheaper compared to other alternatives.

There are several other reason why bamboo material makes a great choice for flooring in your home, but the ones listed above definitely top the list.