Bob’s Carpet Mart Offers Pet Friendly Flooring

Bob’s Carpet Mart is proud to be a Stainmaster Flooring Center. We are the exclusive Stainmaster dealer in the Tampa area as well. What does it mean to be a Stainmaster Flooring Center? Bob’s Carpet Mart can offer all of the high-quality Stainmaster products in each of its 15 locations. We have thousands of combinations available to our customer base and are eager to help you find the perfect carpeting for your home.
We have an easy 1-2-3 step process to help you narrow your options down and get you carpeting you want. The first step is to explore all options that we have in our showroom. By the end of this step you should have your top five or six styles left to choose from. The next step requires a bit of assistance from you. It’s good to bring fabric samples, design ideas and paint cards with you. Why you ask? Because being a Stainmaster Flooring Center gives us an in-store color lab that allows you to see what your top five or six carpets will look like in your home – day and night. The third step has you choose your carpet cushion and schedule the best time for us to deliver and install your new carpeting.

This 1-2-3 step process is just the top layer of our customer service. All of our employees go through a high degree of training so they can provide the best customer service to you. Bob’s Carpet Mart can also give a superior warranty on Stainmaster products being a Stainmaster Flooring Center. This Ultra Life Advantage upgrades the new warranty to include all stains and provides additional warranty options, more services and competitive prices. Bob’s has all the premium brands that Stainmaster has to offer and we bring the quality to your door.

One of our top carpets available is our Stainmaster PetProtect. We all know how pets can do some serious damage to carpets. That doesn’t mean you have to get your carpet professionally cleaned or replace your carpet if your pet has an accident. This Stainmaster PetProtect carpet is color safe and can be cleaned with powerful cleaning supplies (hydrogen peroxide based cleaners). Another great benefit of this carpet is that pet hair releases easily when you vacuum, which cuts down on the time you have to vacuum. No more going over the same spot again and again. PetProtect also reduces pet odors. Our Stainmaster cushion helps maintain spills and accidents from soaking into the subfloor, which will reduce the pet odor once cleaned.

So the next time you are looking for quality carpet flooring, stop by Bob’s Carpet Mart. We have a ton of options and are ready to show you our entire Stainmaster collection – especially our Stainmaster PetProtect. We want to keep your pets happy just as much was we want you to be happy. Come experience the difference with Bob’s Carpet Mart – Tampa’s exclusive Stainmaster Flooring Center.