Buyers Beware: It’s Time to Run When Your Flooring Expert Makes these 5 Statements

Almost all flooring and carpet stores will offer you a huge variety of tile, carpet rugs, laminate and vinyl flooring. Each store will also have its unique sales strategy. Salesmanship plays a big role in convincing you to believe that a product is your best choice. But really, how do you discern what is the most suitable flooring choice for you? Can you trust what you are being told about the product at face value? That’s a difficult one to answer, isn’t it?
Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart has brought flooring options to the community here in the Tampa Bay area of Florida since 1969. We have come to be known as one of Florida’s most trusted carpeting and flooring stores,because we offer you honest product information and help you make an informed flooring decision.

Buyers Beware!

While making your flooring purchase decisions, beware! If your ‘flooring expert’ utters any of the following sentences, don’t wait another minute. Simply run. If you stay, you are likely to be conned big time.

Here are the phrases to watch out for.

1. “Don’t Worry about Installation, We’ll Take Care of It”

Do not be ignorant about installation procedures. Find out everything you can while purchasing the product from the flooring store, including the name of the person who will be installing the flooring, the procedure used and more. It is easy to get carried away with the assurances that a glib salesman gives, but you will regret it if an unqualified serviceman knocks on your door to install your flooring and ends up making huge and expensive blunders.

2. “It Is Priced High Because of Its High Quality”

Not true!Not all good quality flooring options are necessarily expensive. A wide range of flooring options is available in the market to suit every budget. Educate yourself about different types of flooring. So the next time you hear this, remember –run!

3. “We’ll get to the Costs Later, Why Don’t You See What You Like”

Salesmen often put off the subject of the price and try to convince you to buy a particular product. Most likely, they are usually hiding a major factor about the purchase or are trying to fool you into completely falling in love with the product so that even if the price they quote later is too expensive, you will still buy the overpriced flooring material.

4. “This is The Most Popular and Best Type of Flooring Available in The Market Today”

This one’s a no-brainer. There is no single best flooring option out there. All flooring materials are made to suit different types of rooms and atmospheres, and if fitted in the appropriate room will serve its purpose in the best way.

5. “These Are All the Choices We Have, No More”

Obviously, this is not the place you need to be. Run until you find a Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart, because we never run out of flooring options for you to choose from. There is something for everyone at our stores and you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

These are just a few of the lines so called flooring experts unfortunately use, thinking it will convince you to buy their product, but now you know just what you need to run away from.

Remember, keep running until you find a store that suits all your flooring requirements. We have a good feeling it’ll be one of the 15 Bob’s Carpeting & Flooring Mart stores in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.