Carpeting Is Still The #1 Choice Among Consumers

In the Tampa Bay area, you’ll find gated communities, condos, and executive-style homes. Walk into a carpet store and you’ll also find a lot of carpet styles, shapes, colors and patterns.

Carpet remains the #1 choice among homeowners but, since the climate in the Tampa Bay area is sub-tropical, you’ll want one that’s light, airy and easy-to-walk on.

A simple plush is always a great place to start,” says noted Florida Interior Designer Mark Thee. Start with a neutral, he says, and if you want, you can layer it with color, texture and pattern, adding that one should not become overwhelmed when walking into a carpet store.

You know the old statement, “knowledge is power?” With over 44 years of experience, the experts at Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring have been providing information to our Tampa Bay area customers. We feel that when a person knows the basics, he or she will have better understanding of carpet store choices, and the installation which will, in turn, increase confidence.

Deal with the seam

Take seams; they’re just a normal occurrence with carpet installation. Professionals not only know how to hide them hide them, but they can actually use them as a “roadmap,” allowing them to best figure out placement and cutting. They also know which styles, such as the cut loop or low cut pile, show seams more than others.

Now you want to mix it up, using two types of flooring, such as carpet and hardwood. That looks great, but now you’re dealing with two different heights—not to mention two very different sets of challenges.

Make sure you let a professional install your carpet; it will save you lots of time and money in the long term.