Carpets That Last Forever- Anso Nylon By Shaw Industries

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, they say. A thing of beauty is also eternal and timeless. Did you know that your carpet can perfectly fit this description?

Say hello to beautiful carpets that literally last forever. Say hello to Anso Nylon Carpets from Shaw Industries.
Your World Made Beautiful…

Anso Nylon carpets offer you a range of the softest carpets in the loveliest hues imaginable. The company looks towards Nature for inspiration. The refreshing green of the grass, the liberating blue of the sky, the more complex hues of the Swiss Alps and the imposing sand dunes of the desert, these are the colors that make it into Anso Nylon carpets.

The world in your home? Yes indeed…and more than the world, these carpets bring nature into your home.

Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart, Tampa Bay’s leading carpet and flooring store is proud to bring to you Shaw Industries’ products. We are your one-stop resource for the amazing and awe-inspiring Anso Nylon carpet line from Shaw. At Bob’s, family owned for the last 40 years, you can be assured of the lowest prices, as compared to any of the Big Box Home Centers. Come and explore this unique carpet range in any one of our 15 stores, located in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon and most other parts of Tamps Bay.

Nylon –Soft, Durable, and Resilient: the Best Fabric for Carpets

Through years of testing, Shaw has determined that nylon is the best fiber for use in carpets, given its durability and resilience, and its amazing ability to be converted into soft texture. Anso Nylon carpets are softer than you could ever imagine, giving your feet a ‘world of luxury’ to sink into.

Fortified with RX2 Stain and Soil Resistance technology, your carpet will wonderfully repel the hazards of spills and spoils (inevitable with a growing family around), saving you the strain of dealing with a stain.

Shaw Industries – At the Forefront of Sustainability

All Anso Nylon carpets utilize Type 6 Nylon (or Nylon6), which is the only 100% closed loop fiber currently available in the carpet industry. The company uses sustainable Cradle to Cradle technology in manufacturing.

The Cradle to Cradle concept in environmental sustainability refers to the production lifecycle, whereby a used product can be completely broken down into its constituent elements. These elements can then be reused in creating new products with no loss of functionality or aesthetics.(The phrase ‘as good as new’ was literally never so true). And this process can be repeated over and over again, resulting in a 100% closed loop with ZERO wastage.

The company’s Evergreen Nylon Recycling Plant in Augusta, Georgia works on the post consumer carpet (composed of Nylon 6 fiber), and via patented technology, breaks it into Caprolactam, the building block for Nylon 6. Caprolactam is then further processed into Nylon 6 and then into yet another beautiful, carpet, ready to serve the needs of another wonderful family in another home.

These carpets are certified ‘Cradle to Cradle Silver’. Watch this video to know precisely what this certification entails.

When you make the decision to buy an Anso Nylon carpet, you have made a choice that not only beautifies your home, but which also helps you contribute to the environment.

At Bob’s we are proud to have been of assistance in facilitating this choice.