Cheap Improvements to Help Boost Canadian Snowbird Rentals

If you own any rental properties in the Tampa Bay area and have noticed a drop off of your usual Canadian snowbird business, the cause may be the weakening Canadian dollar. This drop in the Canadian dollar has been going on for a couple of years now, and it is beginning to affect Florida rentals that these visitors would normally be renting during their brutal winter months. While there is not much anyone can do to bolster the Canadian dollar, there are some things property owners can do to make their rentals more attractive and desirable in order to compete for this decreasing business. Taking advantage of a good carpet sale is one of those ways.

To better understand why Canadians are less able to visit the Tampa Bay area for winter rentals, we read:

“Besides suitcases, swimsuits and sunscreen, Dann Oliver brought something else for his yearly trip to Florida: two big tubs packed with soup, canned vegetables and pork ‘n’ beans. Buying food in Ontario is cheap, and in Florida, his money doesn’t go nearly as far: The Canadian dollar has gotten weaker and weaker over the last few years, so it costs Canadians more to pay for anything from a can of peas to a vacation condo.”

Source: How the Canadian dollar’s plunge is hurting Florida snowbirds by Thad Moore.

As mentioned above, one of the most affordable ways to attract new rental business is to buy new carpeting and have it installed in your properties. By taking advantage of a good carpet sale, property owners can not only save money at the time of purchase, but they can also brighten up their rentals, making them more desirable to visitors. And, one of the best places to find a great carpet sale is at Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring, with 15 store locations.

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So, whether you want to attract more rentals, or you just want to renovate your home or work place, take advantage of this carpet sale today and save yourself some money and get a fresh, clean look as well with your new carpet.