Carpet! There’s nothing quite like feeling the soft fibers of a deep pile carpet between your toes as you exit your bed in the morning, or the warmth on the bottom of your feet as you walk across the floor to begin your daily routine. There’s also the durability and smart looks of a tightly weaved carpet for your business. It stands up to the foot traffic that comes with the everyday hustle and bustle of a busy workplace. No matter what your carpet needs, there is one place to go, Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring. We have every type of carpet that you can imagine for sale, and for every purpose you might have.
People ask how we can have so much carpet for sale at the affordable prices we charge. It’s actually quite simple. We purchase carpet from the manufacturers at the best possible price, and pass the savings on to our customers. We can get the best prices, because we buy in large enough quantities to satisfy the demand we have from our 15 retail outlets. This affords us a discounted price from the manufacturer. We can then pass the savings on to our customers through our carpet sales.

A second avenue of savings comes from buying factory overruns. Manufacturers will sometimes produce too much of a certain style of product, and they then need to make room in their warehouse for new inventory to be stored. To do this, they sell it to retailers at less than wholesale prices and we can pass the savings on to you through a carpet sale.

The third avenue is the result of buying discontinued product lines. These are products that have been replaced by a newer line and must to be liquidated so the new line can be stored in the warehouse. Once again, we get the product at lower than wholesale prices and we then pass the savings on to the customer.

At Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring, we take the art of the carpet sale to another level and give our loyal customers the best possible prices. Come visit us at one of our 15 locations in the Tampa Bay area and see for yourself!