Welcome to the world of ceramic and porcelain tile. The world of tile is rich in design possibilities limited only by your creative imagination. It really is all about you and the many ways you can express yourself.

We will start with the basics, and then we can explore things about tile you may have never considered, leading ultimately to some very achievable, stunning looks for just about every room of your home.

A Rich Landscape

With so many tile types to choose from, you truly can create your own landscape, your own world within a world right at home. One of the reasons we like to design with tile is its ability to push the limits of color, shape, size and finish in conjunction with the limitlessness of design, from simple to complex to produce so many unique and pleasing visuals.

Discover Designing with Tile

Design, especially for your home, is an adventure. As much as we explore new and different tile fashions and plan out colors, textures, finishes and all the elements that go into creating our new world, we never truly know how a room’s magnificent beauty will turn out—until the final excitement is revealed when the room is done! It may be when the last piece is in place or you add that final accessory.

Things to remember when thinking about your design:

Celebrate the differences.
No two homes — or two rooms are the same. Because of that, experimentation and exploration are a large part of the fun of decorating with tile.

Design is really a journey.
It’s all about ideas and inspirations which help you keep motivated on your journey through personal expression.

It’s All About You!
After generations of debate and the evolution of style, designers and homeowners have arrived at the same point: There are really no hard and fast rules of design. This is great news! It means that a true design is personal.

True design is all about YOU, your lifestyle and your home.
It means that you can express yourself, taking into account your personal tastes, the style of your home and the way you live.