Experience the Stainmaster Difference

Choosing the perfect carpet may seem like a tedious task considering the myriad brands, styles, price and technology available, but STAINMASTER® carpets are an absolute choice and here’s why! Introduced over two decades ago, STAINMASTER® has revolutionized the carpet industry with its stellar products, exceptional price and warranty. Today, they are the biggest names in the business and going to a STAINMASTER® store will justify the reasons for their success. Adding to this, they’ve got hundreds of style and color combinations to choose from, and the material use to craft their carpet range exemplifies unprecedented quality.

STAINMASTER® Carpets at a Glance

The process of creating STAINMASTER® carpets begins with weaving endless strands of nylon into a yarn. Simultaneously, they are texturized to transform straight fibers into curled fibers and increase their bulk. This makes the kinks in yarns permanent and results in superior wear resistance. Owing to the fact that this process produces Bulked Continuous Filament (BKC) or one single unending strand of fiber, STAINMASTER® carpets do not shed unrestrained fibers just like staple fibers.

To increase the wear resistance of the yarn of the carpet pile, each carpet fiber is then kinked around more layers of fiber. The tighter the twist, the more the carpet will withstand gradual changes in texture and appearance. Next step is to preserve the twist, which is accomplished by treating the carper fiber with heat. This results in carpet fibers that will not break down or decipher when exposed to constant foot traffic.

The walking surface of the carpet is these treated fibers that are stitched and later placed uniformly into the carpet base. It also includes the density of the carpet and demonstrates the closeness of the tufts to one another and the level of pile in the carpet. To determine the density of the carpet, simply press your fingers on the carpet and try to reach the base. The base of dense carpets will be harder to reach than narrow versions. Another technique to determine the density of a carpet is to form it into a “U” shape with the tufts protruding forward, and see how much of the backing is evident; The more the backing, the less dense the carpet.

STAINMASTER® Performance and Warranties

STAINMASTER® carpets are defined by their revolutionary soil and stain technology. With this innovative and exclusive technology, STAINMASTER® carpets are able to offer superior resistance for dirt and spills. Stains are bound to happen, but their evidence doesn’t have to. This is the reason these carpets are easy to maintain, clean and keep fresh at all times. Lotus leaves have the ability to prevent soil elements from sticking to its surface, and STAINMASTER® mimics this skill with the LotusFXTM Fiber Shield technology to avoid soil and other impurities from clinging on to the carpet fibers.

STAINMASTER® offers some of the best warranties in the business, and the higher grade of carpet results in a more comprehensive warranty. A Bobs Carpet Flooring Specialist will be happy to explain the details of your warranty. Shopping for a carpet is a great experience and at Bob’s Carpet Mart, we simply help you select a carpet that is both beautiful and functional and at the right price.