Fashionable Tile Trends That’ll Set Your Home Apart

Fashionable Tile Trends That’ll Set Your Home Apart

We’re taking an inside look at some of the most popular and fashionable tile trends for homeowners. See what beautiful styles and designs are taking charge of the market and elevating homes to the next level.

Choosing new flooring for your home is such an exciting step: it’s an opportunity to redefine your style, revamp your home’s design, and really make a statement. Of course, flooring trends come and go, but certain choices manage to straddle the line between trendy and timeless. In this post, we’re taking a look at some popular flooring choices that make for a fashionable choice now and a stylish design later. To get an expert scoop on the most fashionable tile trends out there, keep on reading.

Creative Patterns

The late 2010s and early 2020 brought with them a sense of nostalgia for quirky kitsch design; everything from local coffee shops to coworking spaces in urban areas seems to feature design elements that pay homage to trends of the past. Of course, flooring is by no means an exception to this trend, and more and more young homeowners are opting for interesting patterns in their tile flooring. Whether you stick with one color and choose to lay down your tiles in an unusual pattern, or you want your creativity to show in a multitude of colors, opting to play around with patterns is an extremely popular way to personalize your flooring.

Neutral Colors

Homeowners who want a timeless, versatile look without sacrificing trendiness are in look: one of the most popular choices for residential flooring of the past several years is neutral coloring on tiles. Whether you go for real reclaimed wood or laminate flooring (both of which have beautiful, durable options available), the most popular color choices seem to be gray, light beige, or dark brown finishes that can match nearly anything. If you like to switch up your decor every few years or simply want the peace of mind of knowing your floors are essentially a blank canvas, definitely consider this popular trend.

Reclaimed Wood

Without a doubt, one of the most popular current trends in interior design is the barn-chic, reclaimed wood aesthetic. From cabinets to closet doors, architectural styles to color schemes, modern homeowners gravitate more and more to an aesthetic that has rustic hints in a refined way. This is very much true of the flooring options that are rising in popularity, as well. The warm, cozy look of reclaimed barn wood is tremendously popular for flooring, both in real hardwood or in practical laminate. If you’re a fan of rustic chic decor, this is certainly an option to consider.

Black and White

It’s not just black and white tiles that are rising in popularity, particularly in kitchen and bathroom tile: it’s an intersection between classic and boundary-pushing. Though the black and white color scheme has a timeless, almost intentionally old-school appeal, modern homeowners are adding a fun twist by choosing black-and-white tiles in an array of interesting floral or geometric patterns. If you’re looking to strike a balance between making a nod to the past and ushering in the unexpected, definitely consider this option.

Graphic Shapes

Finally, one of the most popular tile trends among modern homeowners is installing their flooring in interesting graphic shapes, such as hexagons, circles, or abstract shapes in a variety of sizes. This interesting choice certainly makes a statement, and it is taking interior design by storm in an array of colors, finishes, and sizes. A fantastic statement piece for an office or dining room, graphically patterned flooring certainly helps make any part of your home stand out.

The most exciting factor shared by these fashionable tile trends is their unique blend of both timelessness and boundary-pushing. Just because these setups are trendy now doesn’t mean they’ll seem overdone in a few years; in fact, these classically appealing options are sure to impress and make a statement for years to come. To learn more about what tile trend may work best for your home and get started on choosing your perfect floors, just click here.