Floors that Fight the Fur: Best Flooring Options for Pet-Friendly Homes

Floors that Fight the Fur: Best Flooring Options for Pet-Friendly Homes

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There’s no denying that your pets are important members of your family. When having new flooring installed, it’s important to consider the lifestyle and needs of everyone who lives in your home – including pets. Just like any other member of your household, your pets’ activity levels, pastimes, and behaviors will have a significant effect on your flooring – it’s crucial that the material you choose is able to keep up! Finding pet-friendly flooring options for your home can be tricky, but – luckily – there are more out there than you may think and in a variety of price points. To learn more about your flooring options for pet-friendly homes, keep on reading. 

What to Consider

When we talk about the “best” pet-friendly flooring options for households with pets, what exactly do we mean? A variety of factors are taken into account, but we like to focus on resilient materials that’ll stand up well against scratching, accidents, and general wear and tear. Water- and bacterial resistance are definitely attributed to looking for, as well. Together, these features will allow your flooring to hold up well for both your family and your pets, allowing you to enjoy beautiful, functional floors for decades to come.

Cork Flooring

If you’ve been looking into different flooring options seeing cork first on our list may surprise you. It’s definitely not as talked-about as fan-favorites like hardwood, vinyl, or carpet. That being said, cork flooring offers a wide array of benefits for families with pets. Cork is hypoallergenic, scratch-resistant, and resilient against wear and tear. If any spills or accidents happen, be aware: cork is liquid-resistant if cleanups are handled quickly. Otherwise, they can be prone to staining.

Vinyl Flooring

Another popular option among pet owners, vinyl is particularly appealing due to its relative affordability. From dogs in need of a manicure to scratch-happy cats, viny is an excellent option when it comes to withstanding even the most overzealous scratching. Unlike cork, vinyl is highly stain resistant (even if it takes you a while to notice the spill in the first place). This is a bonus if you’ve got small children (or clumsy pets) running around: vinyl is widely known – and applauded – for its slip resistance.


Stone is among the best flooring options for pet-friendly homes. Its porous surface makes stone both slip- and water-resistance, and its strength and durability are virtually unparalleled. If you’re looking to make an investment in flooring that’ll literally last for decades, look no further than stone. That being said, durability comes with a price: stone flooring is one of the priciest options on the market.

StainMaster Pet Protect®

We’ve saved the best for last, and we promise it’s worth the wait. Though the flooring options mentioned above do extremely well when it comes to withstanding pet-related wear and tear, that isn’t their specialty. It’s a side-effect of the materials’ features, not a feature itself. 

Enter StainMaster Pet Protect luxury vinyl. Featuring Pet ClawShield, Pet ActionTraction, odor resistance, and a 100% waterproof finish, StainMaster PetProtect is specifically formulated for pet-friendly homes. And because no two homes (even pet-friendly ones) are the same, StainMaster comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit every preference.

No matter your budget, style preferences, or furry friend of choice, rest assured that there are plenty of flooring options for pet-friendly homes at your disposal. To learn more about your options or get a free quote on installation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.