Florida Budget Paying for Odd Things

The new state budget for Florida contains a lot of items; some are mandatory and useful, others maybe not so much. Of course, it is the taxpayer who has to foot these payouts, and a few taxpayers are wondering just what the legislative branch was thinking when they passed this new budget. The Tampa Bay Business Journal did a good job at exposing some of the more unique items within the budget:

“The state’s new $82.3 billion budget, approved by lawmakers Friday, isn’t all about the big expenses of government, such as education, health care, law enforcement and transportation. Throughout the record spending plan are hundreds of local and agency projects that some lawmakers argued will help the economy or Florida residents. Now, Gov. Rick Scott will use his veto pen to decide which projects survive in the budget that takes effect July 1.”

Source: Wind tunnel, oysters, beef promotion spice up Florida’s budget by Jim Turner.

Some of the things taxpayers may want to know about is the more than $4 million that will be used to promote fairs and rodeos, including renovating the Hendry County Fairgrounds Rodeo Complex. The University of Florida will get $300,000 to make a plan that shows how community supervision of felons can be moved from the state to county sheriffs. More than $3 million will go to building a shooting range in northern Palm Beach County. And, of course, there are a lot more.

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