Here Floor a Long Time: Why Hardwood Floors Raise Your Home’s Value

Here Floor a Long Time: Why Hardwood Floors Raise Your Home’s Value

It’s no secret that hardwood floors are a beautiful, timeless choice for your home – and the kicker is that hardwood floors raise your home’s value, too. To learn why that is and explore the benefits of hardwood flooring, check out our latest blog post.

Beautiful kitchen in new luxury home with stainless steel appliances, pendant lights, and hardwood floors

Trends in home decor change every year – and, with the endless ideas found on the Internet, it can feel far more frequent than that. Something at the height of stylishness in one decade can fall embarrassingly out of date in the next. Yet, somehow, one thing has remained the same: over the decades, the appeal of hardwood flooring has remained unmistakably constant. Sure, other flooring options have come and gone, but hardwood has never left: it doesn’t inspire the same cringes and eye-rolls as the shag carpets of the past. Rather, it remains one of the most desirable flooring options among homeowners, despite easier, faster, and more convenient options arriving all the time. In fact, multiple studies indicate that hardwood floors raise your home’s value. In this blog post, we’re diving into why that is.

First, the Facts

According to a 2016 study conducted by CNN, having hardwood flooring installed in your home can raise its value by anywhere from 3 to 5%, a not-insignificant figure when the average American home costs over $200,000. What does that mean, however, for those who have no desire to sell their home in the future? Well, as it turns out, it means quite a bit. 

A study done by the National Association of Realtors revealed that hardwood flooring has a significant impact on homeowners, as well: in fact, 68% of homeowners surveyed reported experiencing more joy about being home after having hardwood floors installed. In short: the value of hardwood flooring, both monetary and emotional, among both homebuyers and homeowners, is indisputable. 

Explaining the Appeal

Hardwood flooring is desirable for a number of reasons. For one, it’s beautiful and difficult – if not altogether impossible – to replicate in both its look and feel. Additionally, it’s versatile. Hardwood flooring is singular in its ability to be distinguishably beautiful without taking away from your home’s overall decorations; rather, it seems to add to the overall effect of any decor choice. In fact, the versatility of hardwood floors is perhaps the best explanation for its transcendence of trends, preferences, and styles over time. From colonial to retro, mod to farmhouse chic, hardwood flooring allows homeowners to express their ever-shifting preferences by remaining constantly elegant. 

Of course, hardwood flooring is an investment of both money and time. It’s more complex to install than newer synthetic options like laminate and vinyl, and it’s pricier per square foot than many other flooring choices on the market. On top of that, it can require more maintenance, as it is possible for hardwood to become warped by water over time. That being said, when properly cared for, hardwood offers an unmatched appeal. Its value offer is worthwhile for buyers, and its timelessness is perfect for buyers and owners alike.

Hardwood flooring is by no means the most low-maintenance or affordable flooring option on the market. However, it’s unmistakable beauty, timelessness, versatility, and durability when properly cared for make hardwood flooring an extremely valuable investment for your home. To learn more about hardwood flooring and take a look at your options, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.