Home Improvement Nightmares Can Happen in Tampa Bay Area

When it comes to home improvements in the Tampa Bay Area, it really does not matter if you are dealing with carpet stores, roofing companies, subcontractors or even general contractors, you have to be careful. There are more than a few people out there who promise homeowners the moon when it comes to home improvements, but deliver only inferior results that can be very costly.

According to an in-depth report by WFLA, one particular contractor has made a lot of people unhappy.

“The Better Business Bureau gives Clearwater construction remodeler Rick Metz an “F” rating, 28 customers have filed complaints against him with the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board and one of the four customers who complained to Pinellas Consumer Protection called him the “Contractor from Hell.”

Source: WFLA, Contractor from Hell targets Tampa Bay consumers by Mark Douglas.

The best way to avoid this type of disappointment is to ensure that you always work with professionals who have the expertise and experience to get the job done right and on budget. This is true for all trades and retailers, including carpet stores in the Tampa Bay Area.

The pros at Bob’s Carpet Mart want Tampa Bay area residents to know that while the vast majority of carpet stores in the area honest and reliable, consumers still need to be careful when buying new flooring. The problem that most people encounter with carpet stores is not the flooring product but the installation of the flooring. It takes training and skill to properly install any type of flooring, and this is why consumers need to ensure that only professionals will be installing their new flooring.

For those in the Tampa Bay area who would like to know more about how to best select a carpet store in the area, stop by Bob’s Carpet Mart and speak with the sales staff there who can answer any questions you may have about new flooring systems as well as professional installations.