Finding the perfect flooring can be daunting. After all, you want to choose something that will stand the test of time and the wear and tear of your growing family’s foot traffic! You’re looking for longevity and you’ve whittled your preferences down to hardwood…which begs the question: what kind of hardwood?

From domestic woods to bamboo floors, exotic woods to cork flooring, there are plenty of hardwood for you to choose from. It’s all dependent on your tastes and needs.

How long does bamboo flooring last?

While bamboo isn’t technically a “hardwood” it still falls within the category. This durable, termite-resistant flooring can last up to 20-25 years with all the foot traffic your family is capable

  1. When they’re well-maintained, bamboo floors can last up to 50 years.

How long does domestic wood last?

Perusing choices such as American Cherry, Ash, Birch, Hickory, Maple, Red and White Oak, Walnut or Yellow Pine? While their lifespans all vary, general maintenance is a must. Hickory is durable with a high scratch resistance, but prone to rot. The elasticity and shock absorption capabilities of ash makes it a great choice, but it’s particularly susceptible to termites and moths, so base your choice on your area. Refinish your floors every 5 years for extended longevity.

How long do exotic woods last?

Have your eye on an exotic wood? Hardwoods like African Teak, Australian Cyprus, Brazilian Oak and Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Tiete Chestnut, Rosewood and Tigerwood are just a couple of beautiful examples. While exotic woods like teak flooring are expensive, they’re highly durable, can handle extensive foot traffic, and last a lifetime.

How long does cork flooring last?

Cork is an eco-friendly, easily replenishable, biodegradable go-to! This cushiony flooring provides great insulation. It’s not nearly as durable as your other choices and is particularly susceptible to pet claws and moving furniture, but if you maintain its finish, cork flooring can last up to 40+ years.

Your hardwood flooring choice ultimately comes down to what you want in your look and finish. It’s an investment that will grow with you and your family. If you’re still uncertain about what hardwood flooring you should proceed with, ask one of the experts at Bob’s Carpet & Flooring.