Is the Tampa Bay Plaza Harbor Island Sinking Like The Tower Of Pisa?

Have you seen the leaning tower of Pisa? It leans because of the soil beneath it being somewhat loose and sandy. Who would have thought that the same thing could cause the Plaza Harbor Island to sink? It appears that may be happening, crazy as it sounds. We heard about this the other day and thought we’d share some of it with you.

“It has been called Tampa’s “most prestigious building” and “the most refined expression of living” in all of Tampa Bay. The views are “stunning,” the amenities “fit for a king and queen.” But is the Plaza Harbour Island sinking?
The Plaza condo association is embroiled in a lawsuit alleging that the 20-story, 144-unit tower built in 2007 is plagued with problems. Among them: exterior cracking that is the result of “significant subsidence concerns and structural design deficiencies.’”


The story goes on to detail why this is happening to this expensive property in Tampa Bay, but does not suggest there are any ways of stopping it from damaging the structure. We can only wish them the best.

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