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In the whirlwind of choosing the perfect floors for your home, laminate is a major contender. One of the most dynamic options available, laminate flooring offers a sophisticated combination of materials that mimics the appearance of other, pricier flooring options, like wood, marble, and tile.

Laminate products always include a protective surface layer, a decorative layer, a layer of high-density fiberboard, and a melamine resin layer, offering a durable option that won’t break the bank. Layers that have been fused together and imitate other natural flooring options like wood, tile, and marble. Laminate layers always include a protective surface layer, a decorative layer, a layer of high-density fiberboard, and a melamine resin layer.

Quick Definitions

The Layers of Laminate: One of the most distinguishable features of laminate flooring is its multi-layered composition. The main layers of laminate floors include:

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Laminate Thickness

Measured from the top of the plank to the bottom surface, plank thickness begins at 7mm and can be as thick as 12mm. Thicker planks are more durable for everyday wear and tear and have a greater level of noise reduction than thinner planks.

Let’s Talk Underlayment… Is it Important?

Underlayment is a key factor to consider when choosing laminate flooring, because different types of underlayment can provide different degrees of noise reduction, moisture protection, temperature insulation, minimize floor movement, and the leveling out of imperfections in subflooring.


Foam underlayments are standard underlayments that offer insulation and a small degree of noise reduction.


Moisture barrier are an added layer of protection that will prevent moisture from seeping into the laminate flooring and causing damage, extending the life of your floors!

Featured Brands

When considering different laminate flooring options, always rely on reputable brands whose product quality you can trust – and never forget to keep your lifestyle and specific needs in mind.

For more active areas, consider a Pergo Outlast+ laminate floor that is durable, scuff-, scratch-, and stain-resistant flooring that isn’t afraid of a little water.

At Bob’s, we pride ourselves on only selling high-quality laminate from the most respected distributors. Contact us about PERGO today!

Why Choose Laminate?

Laminate flooring eliminates the need to choose between affordability and a luxurious appearance. Whatever your style may be, there is a laminate flooring option that perfectly captures the vision you have for your home.

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