Laminate Flooring – A Green Way To Replicate Nature’s Beauty

A home feels like your home only when it speaks volumes of your own likes and tastes. You want to be able to live in the comfort and serenity of your home, and have all of its elements define who and what you are.

While designing the interior of your home, enough and more care is taken to get everything right, from the walls, to the colors they will sport, to the furniture and the flooring. Among all of these, the one element in your house that you will want to pay attention to is your flooring. You, your family, and friends are going to walk, stand, and sit on the flooring you choose. Your kids are going to spill, play, and grow up on that floor, and thus you want to be able to have safe and secure flooring that will also aesthetically enhance every other part of your home.

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Laminate flooring – Nature’s mirror

Laminate flooring,also known as floating wood tiles, is one of our most popular flooring options, made available to you at all of our 15 stores in Tampa Bay. Laminate floors replicate hardwood textures, natural stone and a huge range of rustic looking floors. Check out some of our ‘laminate looks’ right here.

Inthe early days, floors were scraped to achieve flatness. It didn’t hurt that the hand-scraping added texture to the floor. Today, laminate floor planks are manufactured with the texture, even before being installed in your home, allowing it to have a realistic look that will give your floor a natural edge to it.

The wooden and stone textures on all laminate flooring planks look almost as if you brought them straight out of the forest. Only, you’re more eco–friendly than that. Choosing laminate flooring is choosing a green option for decorating your home and yet, being able to make it look like a house built with nature’s gifts. Laminate floors and floor planks are made from materialsthat are renewable resources. Hence,laminate is a great way to replicate nature’s beauty, without destroying nature. In fact, this is one of the simple ways by which you can give back to nature. Here are some laminate flooring ideas to inspire you..

The Green Way Forward

Today, it isn’t rare to find people trying to use eco-friendly options in various aspects of life. From light bulbs, to cooking, to hybrid cars and even air conditioning, people are beginning to pay attention to climate issues.

Why then, should you leave out home decorating? Use laminate flooring and kick start your mission to be a green home decorator and an environmentally responsible home owner.Turn your home into a place that will give you and your family a feeling of being one with nature, while keeping nature intact.

Keep your laminate flooring new and shiny for a long time. Here are some easy tips to care for your laminate floors.

We, at Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart. truly believe that using laminate flooring is a green way to replicate nature’s beauty, without destroying nature. How do you feel?