Laminate Flooring is a Great Choice!

Everyone who is has remodeled their homes on a budget knows that finding a great deal on flooring is the key to staying on budget. You won’t have to sacrifice on quality to get a great deal if you choose laminate flooring. Everyone in the Tampa Bay area can count on Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring to supply them with the greatest laminate flooring in Florida. Here are some amazing elements of laminate flooring that you may not know already.
Times have changed in the world of laminate flooring in the last couple decades. With some advances in technology, laminate flooring is better looking and more realistic than ever before. Digitally enhanced images that mirror elements such as hardwood and natural stone make it hard for even professional installers to tell the difference.

​However, laminate flooring is more than just a pretty surface at a great price. Laminate flooring is extremely durable and resistant to moisture and heat. The high density fiberboard core of the laminate contains melamine particles which is what allow laminate flooring to be resistant to moisture. Laminate flooring is perfect for the hot and humid weather that makes the Tampa Bay area so special.

There are two types of laminate flooring that result from the way they are manufactured. Direct pressure laminate is the more common of the two and results in laminate flooring that allows manufacturers more flexibility to create very realistic patterns on the laminate floors. High pressure laminate have a thicker decorative layer that offers impact resistance, sound reduction and resistance to heat. Each offers a unique set of qualities that make them both great options for your Tampa Bay area home.

Laminate flooring has it all. Designs that compare to natural wood species, porcelain tile and natural slate are available in wide or narrow boards or individual tiles. There is laminate flooring for every room in your home and everyone in the Tampa Bay area will be envious of the beautiful laminate floors that you found at an amazing price. Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring is the place to find all the best laminate flooring on the East Coast.