Personal Income Growing Slowly in Florida

Many workers in Florida, including those in the Tampa Bay area, have wondered if their personal incomes would ever start to grow again. The answer is yes, finally! But that growth is not as fast as many would like, and it seems to be happening more in some areas of the state than in others. An example of this was published in a recent story:

“Highlands County still lags behind the rest of Florida and America in crucial numbers like housing construction and employment, but personal income is growing. Here are the local numbers: employment income was $27,509 in 2006, and grew by small percentages to $30,650 through 2014 — the latest figures available. Even so, Highlands was ranked 41 for personal income among counties in the Sunshine State, said Justin Latter, chief information officer at Career Source Heartland.”

Source: Personal income grows in Highlands County by Gary Pinnell.

But it is not all bad news. The story goes on to explain that overall, Florida is 6th in the nation for income growth. And what this can mean to many homeowners in the Tampa Bay area is that using smart options such as finding a great carpet sale, is the way to get home improvements done while saving money.

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