Preparing Floor the Best: A Guide to Hard Surface Floors For Your Home

Preparing Floor the Best: A Guide to Hard Surface Floors For Your Home

Unsure of what to expect from your hard surface floors? We’ve got you covered. From installation to maintenance, know what’s in store for you with our guide to hard surface floors for your home.

If you’re thinking about having hard surface floors installed in your home, we completely understand why. Hard surface flooring is a durable, versatile option that allows you to decorate your home beautifully while enjoying relatively low maintenance. That said, you might be wondering what exactly to expect from your hard surface floors: what happens during installation? How can you prepare? What can you do to make sure your floors last as long as possible? We’ve got you covered with answers to all of these and more in this guide to hard surface floors for your home. 

Choose an Installer

First and foremost, you’ll have to make a few important decisions – beginning with the type of flooring you want. From vinyl to stone, to ceramic, to hardwood (and so many more), there are countless options to choose from. When it comes to making an informed decision about your flooring, we highly recommend starting by working with a dealer/installer you can trust. Speak to them about your home, lifestyle, most important needs, and show them photos of options you may be interested in. They’ll be an excellent resource to help you make the best-informed decision.

Preparing for Installation

Once you’ve chosen your installer, flooring, and date of installation, there are a few steps you can take to make sure everything goes smoothly. First, make sure that all installation areas are completely cleared of furniture and decorations. Unplug all electronics and appliances in the area. The most important thing you can do is ensure that your team has a clear, safe installation space. Though it’s not necessary, it’s helpful if you have a garage or covered patio that can serve as an outdoor workspace for your crew to get organized.

The Installation Process

On average, it can take a day or two to have new flooring installed (depending on the square footage of your home and type of flooring). During the installation process, be prepared for some noise and debris. At this stage, you won’t have to do much: just trust your crew to do the excellent work you hired them for. Be available to answer any logistical questions that may come up, but beyond that, relax and enjoy your soon-to-be new floors!

General Maintenance Tips

Once your beautiful new floors are installed, the real fun begins. No two flooring materials are identical, and specific maintenance needs will vary depending on the type of floors you chose. As a general rule of thumb, spot clean your floors with gentle solutions about once a week. Consider installing rubber or foam pads underneath heavy furniture to prevent scratching or indentations on your floors. When it comes to knowing exactly how to maintain your new floors in the long term, there’s no better resource than your installer to go to for advice.

If you take anything away from this guide to hard surface floors for your home, let it be this: the most valuable thing you can do is find an installer who you can trust. They’ll be able to provide you individualized instructions and answers that fit your home, lifestyle, schedule, and flooring type. If you’d like to learn more about hard surface floor installation or receive a free quote on your installation, just reach out to our team.