Resilient Vinyl Flooring – Perfect Choice for High Traffic Areas

Vinyl flooring is a wise choice for several reasons including safety, comfort, durability and most importantly resiliency. This engineered product offers a plethora of benefits that other flooring choices just can match starting with the sheer number of options that can be had design wise.
It can be ordered in literally any color and pattern one can imagine including those that mimic other flooring categories such as natural tiles, wood and stone. This gives it an edge over natural floors such as hardwood, which are restricted to their natural properties.

Being resilient and engineered flooring, vinyl is especially great in high traffic areas, and can be created with several combinations of wear layer protectants. This helps minimize stains, scratching and scuffs that come along with everyday wear and tear. Vinyl flooring is proven to absorb sound, which results in a more peaceful and quite living space.

Furthermore, it is more pleasant to walk on thanks to it being warmer underfoot, and also softer to help when standing over prolonged periods of time. One of the other notable perks of vinyl flooring is how easy it is to clean and how hygienic it is. To add to this, it is water resistant and is crafted with a minimal number of seams resulting in fewer places for bacteria to hide and grow. The seams themselves are hermetically sealed so the chances of bacteria getting in are slim to none. Cleaning can be performed by using regular sanitizing chemicals and disinfectants without risking damage.

This means that not only are vinyl floors aesthetically pleasing, they are great households that have kids and allergy or asthma sufferers. Another benefit of vinyl flooring is just how cost efficient it is, which comparatively is much cheaper per square meter than other flooring choices. So if you desire a hardwood or stone look, but can’t afford the costs of maintenance, vinyl floors are a great choice. It offers long service life so you can rest assured that your investment will last for many years to come.

When shopping for vinyl flooring, there are a few things to consider to help with your decision. The market is flourished with a wide range of vinyl products, some priced as little as .50 cents per square foot to as high or more than $20 per square foot. The cost is dependent on a several factors starting with the material itself. Vinyl flooring material that is surface printed cost less, but doesn’t tend to last long, whereas inlaid vinyl patterns complete with colors that reach until the thickness may arrive with a higher price tag.

Luxury vinyl is a fairly new segment in the floor covering market, and offers a wide range of features and benefits. This new lineup of products is completely distinct from other vinyl offerings in not only how it is manufactured, but in the complete aesthetic and applications. With state of the art technology, it is now possible to use advanced photographic technologies to replicate real stones and hardwoods.

The final luxury vinyl product is a combination of four layers – a vinyl color layer, a resilient vinyl backing, a photographic film layer and an aluminum oxide or urethane top layer. This range of floors is designed to capture the timeless elegance of ceramic tile floors, wood planks and natural stone tile flooring, while simultaneously providing a durable and comfortable surface for everyday living.

Vinyl flooring is appealing and offers a myriad of benefits to quality, style and budget conscious customers so if you’re looking for the perfect floor, Bob’s Carpet Mart is sure to have an option that suits your style.