I remember back in the 70’s as a kid, walking into homes that had sunken living rooms, dens, playrooms and finished basements. Almost all of those rooms had the same thing in common, shag carpeting. For those of you who have no idea what shag carpet is, it was a carpet that had a very long loop that was cut to create fibers almost ¾ of an inch to an inch high.

​They would lie down like grass that needed to be cut, and were usually made of the softest materials possible. In those days they weren’t really soft, but they tried. Shag carpets were a nightmare to keep clean, because all of the dirt would fall onto the deep fibers and hide there for years. I can still smell the musty odor of a shag carpet being pulled from a room in my days while working for a demolition company.
Fortunately, the carpet industry has come to its senses and they no longer make shag carpeting with those high fibers like they used t. These days, they make them shorter, from softer yarns to create the shag effect while maintaining a sensible fiber length. Today’s carpets are far softer than their predecessors. They also have stain resistant fibers and fade resistant colors to keep them looking good for a longer period of time. At Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring, we specialize in carpet. Sales of all types are happening in any of our 14 locations in the Tampa Bay area at any given time.

Carpet sales are what we do best. We have been serving our customer’s needs for over 40 years and, in addition to carpet sales, we have a huge selection of other types of flooring to fit your needs.

We have laminate, luxury vinyl tile, hardwood flooring, ceramic and stone tile as well as carpet. Sales aren’t just limited to one product; our goal is to save you money and give you top quality service and installation. So come see us at one of our 14 locations and let us show you why we are the best.