Tampa Bay Area Still a Favorite for House Flippers

More than a few people have felt the urge to get into what is commonly known as “house flipping”. There are some good reasons for this popularity, one being that if done right, it can be very profitable. When flippers get good deals at local carpet stores, cabinet shops, and roofers, they make even more money when the property sells. Even so, the business of flipping is not without its problems. One of which is securing short-term loans.

The issue of getting short-term money to buy properties and to pay for renovations has, at least, one company offering assistance. In a recent story, it was reported that flippers now have an alternative for short-term cash.

“But with Tampa Bay home prices steadily rising, flippers are finding it ever harder to get good deals, especially when they’re short of cash….That’s where a South Carolina company hopes to enter the picture…Due to the foreclosure crisis, which pushed thousands of homes onto the market, the Tampa Bay area became, and remains, one of the nation’s hottest areas for flipping.”

Source: South Carolina lender pitching short-term loans to Tampa Bay house flippers by Susan Taylor Martin.

What this means is that more investors can get into the flipping market and this is good news for everyone from the local carpet stores who will provide new flooring systems to carpenters and plumbers who will find work repairing or renovating the properties. All of this means more money being infused into the local community, and, again, that is good news, too.

Even with newer sources of short-term loans, investors will still want to get the best deals from Tampa Bay area carpet stores. They, investors, will also want to have access to a large selection of flooring systems so they can get exactly what they want for any property they may be flipping. It is no secret that each individual property will need its own unique décor and much of that will have to come from carpet stores in the Tampa Bay area.

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