The Amazing World Of Carpet Designs

Explore the Amazing World of Carpet Designs- The World at your Feet…Literally

Your carpet is an integral part of your floor and your home. Carpets and carpet designs have come down to this age from centuries ago. Some of the carpet designs originating from rich cultures around the world have found their way into the 21st century without losing their heritage and flavor. Every carpet has a story hidden in it.
So, what does your carpet say?

We at Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart will help you figure that out.

Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart, a name that’s trusted in carpet and flooring installation since 1969, has 15 stores in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. We give you information on carpets, so that you know for sure exactly what you are buying the next time you go carpet shopping. Let’s start to explore the World of Carpets.

Persian Carpets

These carpets boast of Persia’s rich art and culture, displayed via intricate designs and fine texture.

Although these carpets are now machine made, a large number are still hand woven. Naturally, the latter cost more, as they are a true representation of the art. Persian carpets are made of wool, but cotton is frequently used too. Silk carpets also exist, but are not as popular as the others,because they aren’t as durable and are quite expensive.

The motifs and designs on Persian carpets include historic monuments and Islamic buildings, spiral patterns, paisley patterns, tree patterns and European flower patterns. Other patterns popularly presented in these carpets include vase, intertwined fish, striped patterns, mesmerizing geometric patterns and exotic tribal designs.

Arabian Carpets

Surely, you remember Aladdin’s FlyingCarpet? That is perhaps the earliest and definitely the most popular Arabian carpet.

Arabian carpets are woven from sheep’s wool. The main center of carpet weaving in the Arab countries is Egypt. Silk is generally used at the core of these carpets,along with other materials like cotton, flax, camel hair, and goat hair.

Looking for something Exotic (with a capital E) for your home? You can’t go wrong with Arabian carpets.

Turkish/Anatolian Carpets

Turkish carpets are one of the most famous oriental carpets available today. This unique carpet making style developed during the medieval Seljuk period. Only natural fibers are used in making these rugs. Popular colors in Turkish carpets are the natural wool colors of white, brown, fawn, yellow, and gray. Often, these colors are used directly without going through a dyeing process.

The designs on Turkish carpets are always symbolic of something the weaver wishes to express. Its significance can be noticed on the surface of the carpet and sometimes on the underlying weaving. Didn’t we mention [J1] every carpet has a story?

Armenian Carpets

The term Armenian carpet designates tufted rugs or knotted carpets woven in Armenia, though not limited to Armenia alone. This rug is used on floors, as also on sofas, chairs, walls and even to decorate the floors of altars.

There are small motifs woven into these carpets that adhere strictly to tradition, and display religious and cultural designs. Carpets all over the world are changing the way floors look.

Bob’s Carpet and Flooring mart helps you explore the world of carpets. When you buy a carpet, you are not just buying a flooring element, you are bringing a piece of culture into your home.