Tile Effects: When a Tile Is Not Just a Tile

There are miles of white and beige, four inch square tiles in every community. For years, specifiers used these now-boring options as a default. Contemporary tiles provide a spectrum of alternatives that offer stylish, hard wearing and value-adding surface solutions!

High definition tiles

With today’s technology, online access and consumer awareness, manufacturers offer porcelain tile that model an infinite number of materials, both mineral and organic. Inkjet printing and cutting-edge glazes combine the awesome aesthetics of these commodities with the durability and cost benefits of porcelain tile, including:

  • Wood – planks and parquet
  • Stone – large formats,
  • Metals – high-shine or distressed
  • Resin
  • Concrete

The digital high-definition printing processes have been so refined; they capture life-like three-dimensional patterns on porcelain tile. Limestone, granite, marble, onyx and travertine surface images combine with the consistent finishes and advantages of tile. You get the high aesthetics of stone with the performance of tile.

Tile manufacturers have developed convincing wood tiles, indistinguishable from the real deal. One of the most difficult to lay wood floor pattern because of the entire cutting– herringbone – is a snap with wood-surfaced tile – the long, rectangle tiles readily accommodate the pattern. Wood patterned ceramic tiles are also available in plank lengths for a more traditional look.

Art tile
Art tiles hand-produced or finished by craftspeople giving the surfaces a highly personalized, artisanal look. Although somewhat-mass-produced, art tiles’ one of a kind hand sculpting and finishing elevates a tile installation to masterpiece. If art tiles are beyond the project’s budget, there are some beautiful copies available via high-definition ink jet printing.
Luxury tile – ornamental, sumptuous
There is strong interest in tiles resemble the finest fabrics – brocades, damasks, lace, slubbed silks and linens. Look for Russian, Byzantine and Victorian influences.
Hammered, hand-beaten metal-look ceramic tiles provide ground-breaking luxury finish for floors and walls.