Tile Time: An In-Depth Look at Tile Flooring Options for Your Home

Tile Time: An In-Depth Look at Tile Flooring Options for Your Home


If you’re considering different tile options for your home’s flooring, you’re already off to a good start. Tile is an extremely versatile choice, making it fit to suit an array of preferences, lifestyles, and activity levels. What’s more, tile is incredibly durable, and though it’s on the higher side of the price scale, tile flooring is made to last for decades. Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at the five most popular flooring options for your home, going through the characteristics that you need to know in order to make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are among the most popular options out there. Though both are made from clay, the primary difference between these two materials is porcelain is a heavier and less porous material than ceramic, making it better suited to bathrooms and kitchens due to its high water resistance. That being said, both options are very durable and resilient, with the ability to withstand wear and tear and high foot traffic for years on end. If you’re on a budget, ceramic is a lower-cost alternative to porcelain, and it offers a comparable appearance and water resistance.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone” is a catch-all category, which includes materials like limestone, granite, and marble. Since they’re handcrafted from natural stone, these tiling options tend to be among the priciest on the market. However, their beauty and durability are virtually unrivaled. Water-resistant, resilient, and scratch-resistant, stone tiles are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, as well as for frequently used structures like kitchen islands and countertops. 

Terracotta Tiles

Though it’s similar to porcelain in that it’s made from clay, terracotta is in a league of its own. Offering stunning, one-of-a-kind visuals, terracotta is an elegant – and extremely popular – option for living rooms looking to make a statement. Interestingly enough, this material can be used for walls as well as flooring. A tough yet flexible material, terracotta is well-suited to an array of home styles and shapes, and its durability combines with its signature red-brown hues for an unforgettable effect. 

Faux Wood Tiles

Faux wood is a relatively new trend among homeowners who want the beautiful, timeless appearance of wood flooring without maintenance. While traditional hardwood floors can become warped by water and cleaning supplies over time, faux wood tile flooring is much more resilient and water-resistant. They’re also not susceptible to termites, which is definitely a bonus.

Mosaic Tiles

One of the most intricate and beautiful tile options is definitely mosaic flooring. Available in an array of materials, from ceramics to natural stone, mosaic tiles are small, coming together to create an effect that’s both dynamic and cohesive. The material you choose for your mosaic flooring will determine its unique features and strength. That said, mosaic tiles are most commonly used on bathroom and kitchen floors.

By knowing about the tile flooring options for your home, you’re well on track to deciding which beautiful, long-lasting flooring option is perfect for you. To learn more about your tile flooring options and get a price quote on your favorites, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.