Tiles Vs Hardwood Floor – Which Is the Best Option For Your Kitchen?

Tiles or hardwood flooring –you are trying to decide which one to install for your kitchen floor! The decision is not easy because both are popular kitchen flooring solutions, and both are good.

Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart, the leading flooring solutions provider in the Tampa Bay area of Florida helps you compare both these flooring options for your kitchen. Having served the flooring needs of the community via our 15 stores for the past 4 decades and more, you’ll get the right and accurate information only at Bob’s.

Hardwood Vs Tile Flooring for Your Kitchen
True hardwood flooring is flooring procured from naturalwood such as oak, pine, cherry, and others. Tile floors, on the other hand, are created by installing ceramic pieces on the floor. Both require precision in shape and size to fit seamlessly into a flawless pattern across the floor.

Your kitchen is the CPU of your home. The warm wondrous wafting aromas, the hurried breakfasts on weekdays, and the leisurely pancakes on the weekend – memories are made of these.

As for the flooring, whether you choose hardwood flooring or tile for your kitchen would depend on the following factors.

Kitchen Care
When it comes to kitchen flooring there are the usual concerns of maintenancesuch as cleaning, spotting, and wear and tear. Surprisingly, both ceramic tiles and hardwood are easy to clean and maintain. However, while wood surfaces do not hold onto dust, tiles have a tendency to discolor with time as dirt builds up on the surfaces and grout lines. Regular cleaning is therefore essential for ceramics.
No matter what kind of flooring you install in the kitchen, durability will always be a concern for this zone! While ceramics look glamorous, you should know that they tend to develop cracks and dents very fast. Interestingly, while water will slowly damage hardwood surfaces, tiles will remain intact despite extensive water exposure.

When scratches show up on wood surfaces it is necessary to change the affected portion immediately, and wood once installed is often a hassle to reinstall. It is therefore advisable to place a rug or kitchen mat on the hardwood floor if you have already installed it in your kitchen.

Reinstalling new tiles also has a significant disadvantage – a difference in height is often evident when the new ones are placed.
Installing hardwood is not cheap, but ceramics offer you a cost-effective option for your kitchen floor.
Hardwood installation takes more time than ceramic tiles. Sanding hardwood floors is a crucial process in the installation procedure, and requires maximum effort. Once complete, the area needs an urgent and special vacuum, too.

Both hardwood and ceramic floors require professional installation assistance.
Comfort is a crucial aspect of flooring, no matter where it is done. While ceramic tiles are very comfortable in summer, in winter the surfaces can be colder than usual. It is therefore advisable to wear slippers or a pair of socks while you work on ceramic floors in winter. Also, because ceramic tiles are dense and rigid, standing on them for too long might not be good for the feet and back. Hardwood floors are comfortable all year round.

Both hardwood flooring and tiles are extensively used in kitchen flooring. It is good to weigh the pros and cons of both, and depending on your budget, individual tastes, and practicality, you can install the flooring that best suits your needs.

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