Transforming Plastic Bottles Into Carpets

With the ever increasing global population, and the consequent rise in greenhouse effects, there is hardly anything better we all can do than to use sustainable products. The awareness towards reducing the carbon footprint is growing like never before among leading firms across industries worldwide.

And at Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Let’s give you a glimpse into what we have to offer along these lines.

Mohawk Industries – Our Brand Partner in Sustainability

This company designs and manufactures a variety of flooring products including carpets, tiles, laminates, area rugs and luxury vinyl. What is unique about this firm is its unswerving commitment towards recycling, reducing, reusing and renewing.

Mohawk Industries is at the global forefront of environmental innovation. Some of the substantial ecological achievements of Mohawk are as follows:

  • It saves hundreds of millions of gallons of water annually by waste water recycling.
  • The company reuses over 680 million pounds of scrap wood to manufacture laminate core.
  • Billions of plastic bottlesare recycled annually to manufacture its EverStrand® carpets.Click here to watch the video.
  • Mohawk uses renewable materials in producing its SmartStrand® with DuPont™ Sorona® range of carpets.
  • It diverts around 3 billion pounds of waste matter from landfills annually to its manufacturing units to create a variety of products.

Join the Ecological Revolution with Bob’s and Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries manufactures around 500 different types of products following the recycle-reuse-reduce principle. At Bob’s, we stock a wide range of eco-friendly products under the Mohawk brand. These products include:

  • Ceramic tiles, which are used in applications like countertops, flooring, and wall tiles.
  • Planks forresidential flooring applications.
  • Carpet rolls for residential usage.
  • Laminates

The Story of Plastic Bottles – A Planet Beautified with EverStrand®

Summerville, GA houses Mohawk Industries’ integrated recycling facility for plastic bottles. This facility has been operational since 1999 and is, by far, the world’s largest of its kind.

To envision the number of plastic bottles that Mohawk recycles annually, imagine this. Millions of nine inches tall 20 oz. soda bottles, stacked on top of each other to reach a height that’s 6,926 times that of the Empire State Building. Isn’t that amazing!

Well, you’ll find it even more amazing when you learn that the company converts these waste bottles into PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate carpet fiber. The company then via a state-of-the-art recycling process, finely chops and cleans the plastic vigorously. The next step is to melt the plastic into polyester resin.

The resultant fiber is then cut and transported to their carpet manufacturing facilities – the Mohawk’s EverStrand® collection is thus born. The company thus strives to create beautiful products and hence a beautiful world.

Let’s all join hands in this endeavor to beautify our planet. Let’s come together and pledge to recycle, reuse and reduce. We think the time is perfect. How do you feel?