What Do Empty-Nesters Spend Their Money On When the Kids Leave?

At Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring, we have a carpet sale many times during the year and we have often wondered if saving money was the only reason so many people come into the store during these sales. We have noticed that many of our customers are retired individuals who are looking to make changes to their homes once the kids have moved out. A recent story we saw seems to confirm this. It read, in part:

“Raising kids costs a lot of money, so when they finally strike out on their own it stands to reason that parents would have more money to spend, save or invest. How they spend that money can have large consequences for their retirement security.”

Source: Parents aren’t always saving more when their kids leave home by Adam Allington for the Associated Press.

It is no secret that many retired people own their own homes. And, because they do, they often want to make improvements. However, for many homeowners who are retired, money can be an issue. When they decide, for instance, to have new flooring installed, they look for a great carpet sale that offers a large selection to choose from, but also offers low prices. This only makes sense, as no one wants to pay more for new flooring than they have to pay.

With 14 flooring stores, Bob’s Carpet Mart and Flooring has long understood that bringing the best flooring systems to the Tampa Bay area is only a part of our mission. We also wanted to present our community with the best carpet sales in the entire region. These sales bring in people from all over the area, and that includes many retired persons who want new carpeting as they go about remaking the look of their homes when the kids have left. This is not an uncommon activity.

When the kids move out, parents have the opportunity to change their homes to meet their new freer lifestyles. A bedroom that once belonged to a child can now be turned into a study or office, for instance. A playroom can be turned into a family room for times when the children and grandchildren come to visit. The options for change are nearly limitless.

If you would like to see just how much money we can save you on new flooring, come by one of our showrooms and explore the many flooring systems that we offer during our carpet sale today.