Where Textures Speak Louder than Words – Resilient Vinyl Flooring in Amazing Textures from StainMaster

When you think of vinyl flooring, does the image of an artificial, plastic looking floor that is easy to ruin come to your mind?If yes, you are clearly thinking of yesterday’s vinyl flooring products.

The world has moved far from such inferior flooring products. Flooring options today are wide and varied, stylish and sophisticated, luxurious and long lasting. Amongst various flooring choices like carpets, hardwood, laminate and others, Resilient Vinyl Flooringfrom StainMaster has gradually and definitively made its way to the top.

Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart brings to you StainMaster’s Resilient Vinyl Flooring at truly affordable rates, particularly compared to the big box chain stores. It’s time to move with the times with Bob’s.

What is Resilient Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl today is produced using sophisticated techniques that create a flooring material, so durable and feet-friendly that vinyl flooring is a very smart choice. We say this because vinyl flooring has been proven to be a clean, durable, long lasting, and elegant looking flooring material. Leading companies likes StainMaster make it available to you in plenty of textures, patterns, and designs. The textures speak volumes, and will add that ‘wow’ factor to your home.

StainMaster’s Resilient Vinyl Flooring

Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart is proud to be one of the largest StainMaster dealers in Tampa Bay.

StainMaster’s Resilient Vinyl flooring utilizes a unique Soft Step Technology that gives your feet a floor to breathe on, a floor that’s cushioned, and kind to your feet. With its unique colors, and textures that replicate nature’s bounty, this is vinyl flooring that does wonders for the look of your home.

We offer you StainMaster’s Hi-Def Resilient Vinyl that brings prints to life. The company uses a unique printing technology to create textures in crisp, photo-realistic detail. Whatever texture you choose – wood, stone, or tile- it will be brought to life in your home.

StainMasterHi-Def Resilient Vinyl Flooring is flooring with 30% thicker padding underfoot, a 20 ml scratch-resistant layer to make maintenance super easy and 200% sharper images with deeper colors. With such attention being paid to the look as well as the process of creating these vinyl sheets and planks, you can be assured of amazing flooring products with textures that will blow your mind.

Allow StainMaster’s Resilient Vinyl Flooring to Decorate Your Life

Flooring ideas today go beyond merely choosing a type of flooring. It is also about choosing the right look and texture to make you home look grand.

With photorealistic textures of wood, stone, tile and many more floor options, StainMaster’s Resilient Vinyl Flooring has everything to give your home a look of luxury and reflect your personality. Allow yourself to indulgeand get lost in the range of textures we have to offer and choose one that speaks to you and speaks for you.

StainMaster’s wide range of Resilient Vinyl Flooring options and other flooring ideas from leading companies are available to you at all of the 15 branches of Bob’s Carpet and Flooring Mart around Tampa Bay.

Transform the look of your room with Vinyl flooring and trust us, it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made with respect to decorating your home. With styles and looks that go beyond any other type of flooring, amazing textures from StainMaster, brought to you by Bob’s,will speak louder than words.