Find the style of carpet that’s right for your space

Living Room Carpet
Understanding the various styles of carpet can be overwhelming. Don’t go blindly into a carpeting purchase without considering factors other than just how it will look. Things to consider when buying carpet for the rooms in your home should include the following: pile height, texture, color, and ease of cleaning. Ask yourself the following questions before thinking about which style of carpeting your should buy:

  1. Do you have kids and pets?
  2. Is the carpet going in a high-traffic area of your home such as an entry-way or living room?
  3. Will anyone be sitting on the carpet?
  4. What’s the look you’re going for with the decor in that particular room?

Carpet is a large investment, you’ll want it to last in your home. Loop pile carpets tend to be more durable in high-traffic areas because they are less likely to shed or pull from continous wear and tear by pets or children. Stain resistant carpeting such as Stainmaster is a great choice for rooms that may endure spills or dirt tracked in by tiny feet and paws. Nylon, wool, and polyproplene fabrics also tend to absorb more wear.


Although durability is important, also consider the comfort of the carpeting. If you have kids who may want to play on the floor, you won’t want to choose something that can be itchy or scratchy like wool carpeting. Cut pile carpeting tends to be softer. High pile carpets also allow for thickness which can translate into comfort on tired feet. Thick piles often work great in family rooms, bedrooms, and more casual areas of your home. Shag, or Frieze rugs also provide a lot of comfort. The fibers are twisted to spring and craddle your feet as you walk.


Bold carpet colors can make a powerful statement in the decor of your home. Be cautious of something too bold without consulting with a designer first. Bright yellow and gold colors can help a cold and dark room look sunny, this might be a good choice for a cellar or basement. Blue and green carpeting can soften a bright living room, and neutral colors like beige and tan allow for a seemless transition to an area that has wood or laminate flooring nearby.


Patterned-cut pile is a great way to add some style to your carpeting without going too bold with color choices. A slight pattern cut into the carpeting itself provides a stylish accent to your home. Simple patterns cut into the pile of the carpet create an elegant styl that is subtle enough for any room in your home.

With so many different styles of carpeting to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly. The best way to choose carpeting that is right for your home is by having a flooring professional come to your home and help you choose a style that works with your decor as well as your lifestyle. Choosing styles and colors is easy when looking at an online product catalog before shopping in-store.