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Professional Hardwood Installation

Before Installation

On installation, our team will arrive ready to answer any last-minute questions that you might have.

Before our team arrives on installation day, be sure to have all of your furniture removed from the areas in question. This will speed up our process. Please also make sure that children and pets have vacated the area for their own safety. Without this having been done, our start time may be delayed.

During Installation

Once the room has been cleared, the installation will begin, please plan to vacate the area so that our pros can work efficiently.

We will begin with the removal of your existing flooring. We will then lay the new hardwood flooring. Installation times may vary.

After Installation 

Once finished, you may be advised to stay off your floors for a period of time to allow the materials to settle into place. You're also encouraged to open windows and run a fan to remove any unwanted smells that might be the result of the installation.

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