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One of the most durable flooring options on the market, tile flooring can be comprised of a number of different materials, the most popular of which are ceramic, porcelain, and stone. An ideal option for homes and offices that receive a lot of foot traffic, tile flooring provides a beautiful look without sacrificing long-term durability.

Tile is one of many options to choose from when flooring your home – and it offers distinct benefits. Beautiful, durable finishes are among the biggest perks of tile flooring. What’s more, it’s an all-natural, chemical-free option that leaves a minimal carbon footprint while giving your floors maximum sophistication – for an affordable and accessible long-term price. Tile flooring is a solid surface flooring option for your home. 

In comparison to other flooring options, tile has the lowest life-cycle cost when measuring the price of maintenance and materials against the average tile flooring lifespan. Ceramic tile can be one of the more affordable flooring materials, starting at as little as $0.45 per square foot, while natural stone tiles tend to be more expensive.

No matter the architectural style or interior design of your home, tile provides a versatile look that can perfectly complement any aesthetic vibe. Whether you go for a uniform style or choose to mix-and-match different tiles to create an interesting and unique motif, tile flooring allows you to express any look and feel you’d like for your home.

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